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Meet Our Swim Teams!
  • Conception Bay South Bluefins (CBSB)
  • Corner Brook Rapids (CBSC)
  • Deer Lake Dolphins (DLD)
  • Gander Lakers (GLSC)
  • Melville Mantas Swim Club (MM)
  • Memorial University Sea-Hawks
  • Mount Pearl Marlins (MPM)
  • Northern Lights of Wabush/Labrador City (NLSC)
  • Port Aux Basques Piranhas (PAB)
  • Poseidon Swim Club of Carbonear (PSC)
  • Rocky Island Masters Swim Club (RIMC)
  • St. John’s Legends (SJL)
  • Stephenville Aqua Aces (AA)

Conception Bay South Bluefins (CBSB), Conception Bay South

Established in 1989, the CBS Bluefins Swim Club located in the town of Conception Bay South, NL quickly became one of the premiere swim clubs in the province. Our team is a year-round club and offers both competitive and pre-competitive programs. It operates out of a 4-lane 25m pool and has a current membership of about 60 swimmers ranging in age from 7 to 18.

Our club is broken down into several different training groups which each have their own practice schedule and coaches. Each of these groups is specifically designed to provide the swimmer with the necessary skill set in which he/she will need to either compete or if already competitive, improve on their swimming capabilities. Since the club’s inception, Bluefin swimmers have continuously put their names in the record books and have qualified for bigger and faster competitions at both Provincial, Regional and National levels.

Competitive swimming is a great way to get our youth active, and it gives them a social network where they can make new friends and build lasting relationships with team members. The CBS Bluefin Swim Club strives towards excellence in sport. Our athletes work very hard and are driven by one common goal which is to reach their highest potential. Our coaches are well trained professionals and are there to help develop our inspiring swimmers become some of this province’s greatest young talent.

Corner Brook Rapids (CBSC). Corner Brook

Corner Brook started competitive swimming in 1968 at the Blomidon Golf and Country Club and moved to the local Arts & Culture Centre the next year after construction of the new “indoor” pool. The Club quickly grew to over 80 members and in 1973 was the strongest team in the province.

The strength and character of the Club's alumni and parents have enabled this 40 year old club to thrive. The club has produced many fine athletes and consistently has had athletes from, or who have graduated from, one of the local clubs who have qualified for Nationals or Age Group Nationals.

Deer Lake Dolphins (DLD), Deer Lake

It was 2002 when the notion of a swim team in Deer Lake was considered by Alex Bater while he was coaching in Corner Brook. After seeking out initial interest they started their first year with 70 swimmers. He corralled a group of parents to assist him. Alex is quoted as saying “I taught them the basics of swimming, and every time I taught a new skill, it was new for them as well.” This was in April of 2003, so we ran from April until June that first Spring The swimming season of 2003/2004 was our first full year swimming, and our first meet was in Gander in December of 2003, where we won for then the best AA team, and our swimmers won a whole slew of AA medals! It was very satisfying to do so well when all we wanted to do was avoid falling flat on our faces.

In the short amount of years since then we have had 3 of our swimmers go on to swim with the MUN swim team.The Deer Lake Dolphins continues to grow each year and are always looking forward to the future.

Gander Lakers (GLSC), Gander

The Gander Lakers Swim Club is rich in history, which even includes a name change. The Gander Lakers Swim Club was formally known as Gander Flippers Swim Club. Originally, the “Flippers” started at the Gander military base swimming pool around 1965/66 by a Military swimmer. Later, the Arts and Culture Centre pool was built, the team moved there and evolved to become the Gander Lakers. The Arts & Culture swimming pool was constructed from donated steel that was used at the Czechoslovakian Provilian in Montreal in 1967. They donated the steel to Gander because of the efforts with a tragic plane crash.


Prior to 1984, the team had several coaches; however the current Head Coach, Gord Wheeler, took over in 1984 and is still with the team. Our Club has been through many changes since those days, and over the past few years we have seen major growth. Currently we have 71 registered swimmers in both the precompetitive and competitive disciplines. This is the largest enrolment we have ever had. When it comes to competitive swimming, our team is one to be reckoned with. We have many NL Championship qualified swimmers and a record number of East Coast Championship swimmers, in addition to that, we have a swimmer who is on the brink of reaching his goal as a National qualified swimmer. However, we encourage all swimmers to be the best they can be and personal best times are always celebrated.

Melville Mantas Swim Club (MM), Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The Melville Mantas Swim Club was formed in 1980 by Gord Wheeler and started with 12 swimmers. All the coaching staff since its formation have been volunteers. Paula Dawe has been involved with the club since the beginning with four of her children starting in the beginning. Paula started out as a member of the executive, then became Head Coach in 1984. Paula held that position till 2007 but is still a member of the coaching staff.

The Mantas have had 2 swimmers, Stephanie Quinn in the early 90's and went on to swim at the University of Calgary and Kori Blake for Special Olympics in 2001 competed for NL at the Canada Summer Games. The Mantas Luke Wiseman broke 5 records at the NL Summer Games in 2004 and still holds 3/5 records.

We train in a 3-lane 18m pool, so training is a challenge for the swimmers and coaching staff. Presently we have 38 swimmers; 15 pre-competitive and 23 competitive. We train 5 days a week with two mornings and four swim groups. We have six coaches on staff.

The Mantas over the past have travelled to the Island for meets but also travel across the 600 kilometres of gravel road to Lab City to compete in Time Trials. We could be impeded by herds of Caribou, Snow Storms and -40c Temperatures but we're a tuff group, 28 years and counting.

Memorial University Sea-Hawks, St. John's

Are you a registerd representative of this team? If so, please contact Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador to submit your team info and photo.

Mount Pearl Marlins (MPM), Mount Pearl

Established in 1974 the Mount Pearl Marlins were one of the first clubs in Newfoundland and Labrador. The pool began as an outdoor pool and was converted to an indoor in the mid 70’s. This year will see closure of that old converted pool and opening of the new aquatic complex in Mount Pearl.

The Marlins have come a long way from their first swim meet when lane ropes were made from buoys borrowed from local fisherman. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the club. The team of just over 80 swimmers is growing and looking forward to great things.

Northern Lights of Wabush/Labrador City (NLSC), Wabush/Labrador City

The Northern Lights Swim Club started up in the 70's about 8-10 years after the town of Wabush was incorporated and unlike other sport organizations in the area we never had any down times. We have existed since the start. Wabush-Lab City are in western Labrador 10 minutes from the Quebec Border and on the 52nd. parallel.

Highlights for us would be travelling to the Island Portion of Newfoundland to compete with other clubs and driving across Labrador to compete with our only other Labrador Team the Melville Mantas of Goose Bay in Labrador East, 8 hours, of dirt road, away.

Port Aux Basques Piranhas (PAB), Port Aux Basques

The Port aux Basques Piranhas Swim Club is an all age team that started in 2003. The initial program included 14 swimmers. The membership has now grown to include over 30 members ranging from ages 5 to 17.

The Piranhas Swim Club is operated under the direction of a volunteer executive and volunteer coaches, with programs running from September to May of each year. The club hosts fun invitational swim meets and is a huge participant in the Annual Swim for Hope challenge. The Piranhas is a registered member of Swim Newfoundland and Labrador, and Swim Canada.

The Piranhas have a growing competitive roster and regularly attend meets hosted by clubs all across Newfoundland - as close as Corner Brook and as far away as St. John's or Mount Pearl - sometimes travelling as far as 1000 kms each way to swim!

Poseidon Swim Club of Carbonear (PSC), Carbonear

Are you a registerd representative of this team? If so, please contact Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador to submit your team info.

Rocky Island Masters Swim Club (RIMC), St. John’s

The Rocky Island Masters Swim Club (RIMS) was formed in the Fall of 2006 by a local group of swimmers and tri-athletes that wanted a club that suited their needs. The beginning was somewhat 'rocky', with about 30 members and no dedicated pool space. Today RIMS has 70 members.

The support of the Aquarena, a dedicated organizing committee and an experienced and motivating coach. The club now has two swim workouts per week and a waitlist to join. In addition, the organizing committee arranges several socials throughout the year, offers dry-land training, fun meets, and even some open-water swimming events.

St. John’s Legends (SJL), St. John’s

The St John's Legends Swim Club was originally called NAAC, the Newfoundland Aquarena Aquatic Club, founded in 1978 following the 1977 Canada Games. NAAC swimmer, Paula Kelly, qualified for the Canada's 1980 Olympic Team. Over the years the club has continued to be a leader on the provincial swimming scene.

The Legends Swim Club has over 200 swimmers at various ages and skill levels, from our pre-competitive Lil Legends squads (young, inexperienced, novice swimmers) to our Gold 1 squad (dedicated athletes competing at a national level).

Stephenville Aqua Aces (AA), Stephenville

Aqua Aces Swim Club is a registered SwimNL and Swim Canada club that represents the area of Bay St. George. The club was formed in the 1960s and practices occur at the Regional Aquatic Center in Stephenville. We are a non-profit organization run by a parent volunteer executive. We provide our swimmers with a highly qualified and experienced coaching staff. Our Head Coach, Mr. Leonard Roxon, has trained swimmers to compete nationally and internationally.

We currently have 22 swimmers on our team which are competitive and non-competitive swimmers.

Mission Statement of Aqua Aces: Creating opportunities for athletes to enjoy the sport of swimming within a positive team environment.